Important Reminder to Ohio Property Owners: Review Tax Bills to Determine Assessments – March 31, 2023 Deadline

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Notice for 2022 Ohio Assessments Being Issued

Ohio counties have recently certified new values for teh Tax Year 2022 (payable in 2023). Please let us know as soon as you receive your new values or tax bill. 

The following counties in Ohio have reappraised or updated their real property values for the tax year 2022, so a review of property values in these counties and all Ohio counties should be performed.

ohio property owners

The deadline for filing a complaint against the January 1, 2022Assessment of Real Property in any county in Ohio is March 31, 2023.

We are available to assist you in all aspects of the property tax process, including:
• Conducting the initial review of your assessment
• Negotiating with the applicable taxing authorities before values are finalized
• Preparing the filing the Tax Complaint
• Litigating the Tax Appeal before all of the available forums
For further information and assistance, please contact our office at 216 771-8990 or use our simple CONTACT FORM.

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