Hamilton County 2017 “Tentative” Reappraisal Values to be Released this Month

Hamilton County will release its tentative real property reappraisal values for tax year 2017 this month.  The period for reply to the proposed value in the notice and meet with the County will run into June.  Please contact us if you have any questions regarding a notice that you receive and if you would like us to review any assessment change reflected in the notice.

The Ohio Board of Tax Appeals Rules That a Tenant Has No Standing to Contest an Assessment and Throws Out the Tenant’s Evidence on Appeal

In Beavercreek Towne Station LLC and Kohl’s Illinois, Inc. (Kohl’s Department Stores, Inc.) v. Greene County Bd. of Revision, Board of Tax Appeals Case Nos. 2015-1488, 1496 and 1544 (on appeal to the Ohio Supreme Court as Case No. 16-1713) the Ohio Board of Tax Appeals held that a tenant did not have standing to participate as a party before the Ohio Board of Tax Appeals and excluded the appraisal report and legal argument submitted by the tenant in the appeal.  The Board adopted value espoused by the School District in the appeal and the case is now on appeal to the Ohio Supreme Court.

Two Leased Fee Sale Appeals Heard by the Ohio Supreme Court

Two appeals filed by Terrazza 8 and State Farm challenging the use of leased fee sales in valuing the unencumbered fee simple value of real estate were heard by the Ohio Supreme Court in early April and May of this year.  The sales involved leases that were above market and did not reflect the value of the underlying real estate.  It is anticipated that the Court may issue decisions in the cases by year end.

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